Need Advice! Please!!

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Need Advice! Please!!

Post by dfeld31 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:22 pm

Hi everyone! So this is my situation.... I'm just beginning to take the following courses this semester: Upper Division E&M, QM, and a second course in Upper Division classical mechanics. I will graduate this spring so if I would like to attend grad school next fall then I'd need to take the november PGRE. However with about 2 months to prepare, and not having completed the previously mentioned courses, I'm worried that I cannot possibly do well on the test. Does anyone have advice? Is it possible for me to score an 800+ with just 2 months study, while just being introduced to advanced E&M, QM, CM? Or should I settle to take a year off after school to study for the test? I'd hate to do this since this is already my 2nd bachelor's degree and I'm 24. Any honest advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Re: Need Advice! Please!!

Post by midwestphysics » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:06 pm

What I would suggest is to rocket through a practice test, since there are a couple, and see where you stand. If you can work through the problems, and aren't stumped through basically the whole test then go from there. Identify weakness, and try to tackle them as best you can. Your deficiencies are probably not as big as you think since the material really isn't that crazy for the most part. It can be done, since non-physics majors take the test and some do really well. If you dedicate yourself to intense prep you could pull it off, though it's not ideal. In the end though, even if you sit for the actual test, you can cancel the scores at the end of it if you feel like you bombed it really badly. You could even take the Oct one just to see, though you'd have to check the registration dates for Nov to see if you could sign up for it if you decide to cancel your scores. Personally I would not like the odds, but given the situation I'd take them.

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