Difficulty of Various Tests

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Difficulty of Various Tests

Post by AriAstronomer » Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:19 pm

Hey everyone,
So I've only done 2/5 GRE tests, the 96 and 86 tests, but I found that the 96 test was MUCH harder than the 86 one. Anyone else find that? I looked at the relative raw score required for a 990, and it's 85 (min) for the 1986 test, but as low as 67 on the 1996 test! Do you think that there could be such a fluctuation on the upcoming test? The 2008 min raw score required is 82, and I figure the GRE test can't change TOO much in two years... can it? Are there some nice statistics anyone knows that says something like from year to year the questions don't change too much, or at least the difficulty doesn't?

If the 08 test is out, I'm assuming all those questions have been "retired" from the test bank right? Is it possible I could be lucky enough to see alot of the same questions (maybe just different numbers) from the 08 test on this years PGRE?


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Re: Difficulty of Various Tests

Post by physicsworks » Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:34 am

Yep, GR9677 is kind of "difficult" in comparison with other 4 tests. In the previous 3 or 4 years there were no such fluctuations between two tests and approximately the raw score for 990 was in the range of 80-85 points.

Yes, each year there are some questions that are taken from the previous exams. They may be identical our slightly changed, but I would say that the number of these questions is not very high (maybe 10-15).

Yes, it is possible to see some questions on the next exam that are taken from GR0877.

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