Recommended Problems

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Recommended Problems

Post by Jhoward » Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:39 pm

Hello, I saw posted at a list of recommended problems. Do these problems change with each new version of the REA book? I have the REA from 1992, does any one know if these selected problems apply to this version? Thanks!

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REA - GRE Physics Book

Post by Grant » Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:46 pm

I am pretty sure the books have the same problems in the same order. However, perhaps you can see if your book has the same problems as a random problem sample I list below.

test 1 #75 For collisions between identical particles, what is the relationship between the CM and the laboratory scattering angles.

test 2 #77 Relate the mean live T to the decay constant L is the theory of radioactive decay.

test 3 #13 Picture a particles of mass m that is constrained to move on the surface of a cylinder ...

test 4 #85 Consider a quantum mechanical problem where the Eigen function is the spherical harmonic ...

Note: There is nothing magical about the problems I listed. They are just problems that covered the material that ETS says the Physics GRE covers while being close to the level complexity of the published ETS practice Physics GRE problems. The primary purpose of listing those problems was to prevent people from wasting lots of time on some overly complex problem from the REA book. I wasted lots of time on REA problems and when I finally solved them or looked at the solution I was like "that could never be on the GRE. That was a waste of my study time". The problems I listed are the ones that I concluded were NOT a waste of my time.

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