Alternative sources for ETS books

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Alternative sources for ETS books

Post by Ingrid » Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:18 pm


Just thought it might be worth mentioning

in the page about how to find out-of-print books. I found my copy of the ETS 'Practicing to take the GRE Physics Test' here as well as 'Physics: Graduate Record Examination Series GRE-15' edited by Jack Rudman of the National Learning Corp. Of course, it has 'that book' as well, which you can often find more cheaply than it's offered on e-bay.

Another one to check is

as they also they also do out-of-print books and have a copy of the ETS book for sale at the moment for $10.72....

Anyway, good luck to all! And thanks to all who have posted before and who have created this and the other :+:so helpful and appreciated:+: GRE physics websites and question archives!

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