How to link to books

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How to link to books

Post by Grant » Thu Jul 08, 2004 4:42 pm

I modified the forum code to make it easy for visitors to link to books on All you need to know is the ISBN number of the book you want to link to. It is also helpful to include a title or brief description of the book as well.

The general format is as follows:

[*isbn=0000000000]Book Title[/isbn]

where the asterisk (*) is included for illustrative purposes as it should be removed if you want it to be a link.

For example suppose you wanted to link to a book with ISBN 0-37-452477-7 that had the title “Getting What You Came For : The Smart Student's Guide to Earning an M.A. or a Ph.D.” then you could use the following:

[*isbn=0374524777]Getting What You Came For[/isbn]

Note: You must not include any dashes or spaces in the ISBN. Also, you must remove the asterisk (*) so that your book link appears as shown below.

Getting What You Came For (isbn=0374524777)

I hope this helps. Feel free to reply to this thread with any questions or comments.

Note: The way the links are set up allows me to see what books are bought from Amazon through the links. I do not know who bought what books as I just know that certain books were bought through links from my site. Also, because of the way I link to Amazon, they pay me a small commission from sales originating from the links – it helps to keep the site running.

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