Index of Schools by State + Profile Building FAQ

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Index of Schools by State + Profile Building FAQ

Post by Grant » Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:22 am

Click the state links to see physics programs in that state.

AK - AL - AR - AZ - CA - CO - CT - DC - DE - FL - GA - HI - IA - ID - IL - IN - KS - KY - LA - MA - MD - ME - MI - MN - MO - MS - MT - NC - ND - NE - NH - NJ - NM - NV - NY - OH - OK - OR - PA - RI - SC - SD - TN - TX - UT - VA - VT - WA - WI - WV - WY

How do I help build a profile?

A topic for every school already exists so all you have to do is navigate to that school's topic and click the "add reply" icon. The state links above should make it easy to navigate to any any school's profile page.

What is the goal with building profiles?

The goal is for people to share their knowledge about physics graduate programs with the purpose of helping prospective graduate students learn about schools. Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge of a particular school including people who visited a school at an open house, professors who teach at the school, undergraduate physics students at that institution, current graduate students attending a particular school, etc.

What if a school is accidentally missing from the list?

Contact us and please include the school's information in the following format:

University of California at Irvine (MS/PhD - Physics and Astronomy)
Irvine, CA

How do I report an error?

The best way is to be logged in and click the exclamation point icon for reporting a post and please include a comment about what need to be changed to make the listing correct. If you are not a registered user and don't want to become one then you can report an error by contacting us directly.

Why can't I start a new topic for my school?

Each school should already have a profile thread started. It can be confusing to have multiple threads for the same school so we restrict this forum to replies only.