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Conflicted about dropping current Phd for another Phd progra

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:21 am
by Conflicted
Long story short I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from Pakistan and masters in Germany. I have six month of research experiences in Oxford and MIT then went to strategy consulting for 6 months. Now the situation is that my Visa for Europe is running out and also I need some time to prepare for GRE etc. I got a good Phd offer in Human Computer Interaction from an unknown school in Netherland which is also collaborating with Phillips on the project offered to me,with six months probabtion period..which is normal...and i would have a work visa...I am thinking of taking it so that it may give me experience and time to Prepare for my GRE etc to get into a top notch school.
Another option is a six months internship in Portugal in similar area and it runs a dual Phd Program with CMU.However the internship offers no security after six month of any sort.
Even though the topics are the same but
1- Netherland offers security in the sense that the drop out or kick out rate after probation is nearly nil
2-This other internship though may get me in touch with some good profs but offers no security after six months meaning my admission to the dual phd would be contingent on the acceptance at CMU.

Believe me for people like me who are on visas it is a major problem to get out especially with this kind of situation.
I need a suggestion.

If i take up the Phd program in Netherland and then make applications to good schools in my area would that affect my chances. I mean I can put it up as a research position with Philips for six months...but I really am very desperate for an answer...please help.??????????