Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

  • As many already know, studying for the physics GRE and getting accepted into a graduate program is not the final hurdle in your physics career.
  • There are many issues current physics graduate students face such as studying for their qualifier, deciding upon a field of research, choosing an advisor, being an effective teaching assistant, trying to have a social life, navigating department politics, dealing with stress, utilizing financial aid, etc.

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Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by Soso » Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:09 am

I am a prospective graduate student and in my admission e-mail for Stanford, I have read this :

"During your first academic year at Stanford you can expect to receive $32,861.00 in stipends (2008/09 rates; 2009/10 rates will be higher) through a combination of teaching and research assistant (TA/RA) appointments, plus tuition allowance for a normal graduate course load and a health insurance subsidy."

Then, the details :

2008/09 Rates*
Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer
20% RA Stipend $3726.00 $3726.00 $3726.00 50% RA $7335
30% TA Stipend $4527.00 $4527.00 $4527.00 Not Applicable

Does it means students have to teach every quarter during their PhD to have these stipends? If yes, what is the typical income of a graduate student in physics at Stanford and the average amount of time devoted to teaching?

In Harvard, I am on the waiting list, so I have almost no information about financial aid. I just know that students are supported by a fellowship the first year and that they have to teach at least one semester the years after. Does someone has any other informations? (how much are the stipends for exemple?)

Thank you very much

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Re: Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by sterculus » Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:30 am

At Stanford I think most students join a research group full time in their second year. The TA/RA split the first year is so you can do a "research rotation".

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Re: Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by nanasy2 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:10 am

the numerator of total financial aid at Harvard is 131% greater than financial aid at Stanford (33mm/14.3mm – 1). But the number of students at HBS is greater than the number of students at Stanford by only 126% (1937/858-1). Meaning that per student financial aid at Harvard exceeds per student financial aid at Stanford by only 2% (231/226-1).generic levitra

Is Harvard 2% more generous than Stanford or is a difference of 2% what most people would consider to mean “exactly the same.”
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Re: Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by eva656 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:42 am

Harvard tends to offer full financial aid to students of families with an income under $60k (or more, if there are other factors, like multiple children in college). Many parts of the country would consider that middle class, depending on a particular situation.

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Re: Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by debra453 » Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:27 pm

Do MS admits get financial aid? I have seen on the Stanford and Harvard site that they give NO financial aid to MS students but give full to PhDs.

So if a person studying at BITS aspires for an MS from a US Univ, then does he have to pay the mind blowing amount of 70 lacs to get in? Did most students from BITS pay that?

I'm asking for MS degree ONLY and NOT for PhD. Hotel Thailand Directory
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Re: Financial aid in Stanford and Harvard

Post by sharlene006 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:10 am

MS students usually do a 3 month Internship in their 4th quarter.This also gets them some extra savings.
70 lakhs is an extremely high figure. That would be correct for a 2 year full time MBA tuition + living. 30-50 lakhs over 2 years would be a reasonable amount for a top US university MS inclusive of fees and living expenses.
As for fees.some places like UCLA charge $9K per quarter, others like TAMU charge around $15K per year.
Loans are a very important factor in US college education. Unlike in India , where education is "cheap" and heavily subsidized , middle class families can finance most of the engg education. That is not so in the US. Loans are an accepted part of a college student's life. US visa regulation allow for a foreign student to work for a limited time (1-2 yrs) to repay the loan. (I don't know the details) . Normally students are able to pay back the loan within 1 year.

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