Researching Graduate Physics Programs

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Researching Graduate Physics Programs

Post by Grant » Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:00 pm

Physics Department Search - I fed Google a bunch of physics department website URLs like and Google did the rest. This is a very simple, fast and powerful tool.

Building Physics Graduate School Profiles - People are encouraged to share their knowledge about a particular school by adding to that schools profile thread.

Prospective Physics Graduate Student Topics - Of course there is a lot of great information about schools being discussed in the prospective physics graduate students forum.

Some items you might want to think about while researching graduate physics departments are:
  • Admissions Requirements - With this information you can determine which schools you want to apply to, when you need to apply, and what materials are required.
  • Areas of Research - Most department websites go into great detail about research the faculty is engaged in. It is important to find a school that shares your research interests.
  • Graduate Coursework - You can learn a great deal about specialties of the program by looking at all of the graduate courses they offer.
  • Financial Aid - Most department websites list the types and amounts of financial aid they offer their graduate students. This may be an important factor when deciding which schools to apply to.
  • Qualifier Exams - Many schools require that you pass qualifying exams to attain a degree. Many of these schools provide information and resources to help you prepare for the exam. These resources may also help you prepare for qualifier exams at other institutions.

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