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A new views about structure of elementary particles (hypothe

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:16 pm
by rplg
This work is based on a my new hypothesis about construction and structure of elementary particles. I understand that it is rather difficult to accept and to get used to anything new and unusual. But it seems to me that the meaning of this hypothesis is how simple and universally that allows me referring to subjects like electric , magnetic , corpuscular-wave dualism… By the way in the understanding of the Einstein theory of relativity, disappearing all the difficulties and discrepancies. This work is only hypothesis , which I tried to apply in different part of physics. If this hypothesis and this approach find understanding even in very small part of the physicists , I shall be very happy about it. In this case I consider it necessary publish next part , results of which are also convincing. for view ... tId=290105