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Does Einstein’s SR fail to confirm the ICARUS result?

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 2:07 am
by ahwah
Dear all,
Could it be that Einstein’s Special Relativity fails to confirm the ICARUS result?
It is known that the recent ICARUS finding was in agreement with Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory (SR). When the result was announced to the public, Professor Carlo Rubbia, Nobel laureate and spokesperson for ICARUS said that: “Our results are in agreement with what Einstein would like to have,” (1). Given that I thought that Einstein’s SR should not encounter any difficulty in confirming the ICARUS result, particularly the lower limit of δt= 0.3 - 4.0 (stat) - 9.0 (sys) = -12.7 ns. Which falls within the limits of the speed of light.
I tried to perform the calculations using the above value for δt and the distance D from the point of departure at CERN to the destination point at Gran Sasso (D = 730,085 km - 55.7 (± 0.5) m. My calculations (and I checked several times) yielded a complex number!!
I would appreciate it if someone could provide the correct calculations.
Many thanks in advance,

(1) See: Geoff Brumfiel, Neutrinos not faster than light- ICARUS experiment contradicts controversial claim, Nature News, 16 March 2012 Corrected: 19 March 2012.