Laser Ligthning Rod

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Laser Ligthning Rod

Post by PicassoCT » Sun May 14, 2017 4:26 pm

Good day,
im a layman when it comes to physics so please excuse any wrong assumptions. Most of my knowledge on plasma-pysics derives from wikipedia, various available research papers and - yes youtube. So i might be very wrong in some assumptions here:

I know that via laser plasma channels can be produced.
Through this plasma-channels current can flow.
I know this has been used as a lightning rod.

So i want to put forward the following set of questions:

Is there a way, to have lasers interfere with one another in such a way, that there is a controllable method to print complex plasma patterns into a 3dimensional, gas filled space?

Can such a plasma be charged remotely with a known method? Googling i found this : ... arging.pdf

Finally, if i understand it correct a current flowing through such a printed coild would deform it massively, so any shape would have to anticipate that deformation.

Are there any papers on the limits of magnetic force exerted by a current flowing through such plasma?

Thank you for even considering this thoughts - any answer detailing problems of this approach would be very much appreciated.

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