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Understanding stationary waves

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:59 am
by colinr2018
I was confronted with a question in relation to the the speed of sound and the speed of a sound wave. It stated: "Someone says to you 'The wave on the string creates a sound. The speed of the sound is the speed of the wave on the string.' Why are they wrong? What wave property is the same for the string an the sound that is created" This the question I was given.

I now came to the conclusion that we can say that the speed of sound is not given by the speed of the wave, but much more the speed of the disturbance in the wave. Additionally, I stated that the frequency will give the pitch of the sound and the amplitude the volume, in relation to the last parts of the question. What do you think, did I understand and answer the question correctly or not. If not could you please explain? Thanks