Space / Time: Newton + SRT, Leibniz + GRT.

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Space / Time: Newton + SRT, Leibniz + GRT.

Post by socratus » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:16 am

Space / Time: Newton + SRT, Leibniz + GRT.
Space is an absolute concept. (!) Space would continue to exist
even if all its contents vanished.
Time is an absolute concept (!) that “flows equably without
relation to anything external.”
Space is a relative concept. (!) Space is not a “thing” unto itself, but
merely a web of relations among “things”. Space could no more
exist apart from the “things” that it relates.
Time is a relative concept. (!) Time is merely a relation among events.

The debate between the Newtonians and the Leibnizians continues
to the present day.
My opinion.
Newton’s absolute space (!) and absolute time (!) are correct
in SRT, in the Minkowski spacetime ( in the negative 2D,
in the Pseudo Euclidian continuum.) SRT is theory without
gravity-mass. Without gravity-mass this spacetime continuum
is “open - flat”. It is an absolute, infinite, eternal negative continuum.
This “Pseudo Euclidian continuum” spacetime has one negative
physical parameter: T=0K (zero vacuum).

Leibniz’s relative space (!) and relative time (!) are correct in the
GRT (gravity theory). GRT says that space and time are phenomena
of mass and energy. Every gravity system (like stars. planets) has
its own “closed - spherical” space and time that depends on its mass,
energy and speed. Therefor from Cosmic view these parameters
are relative, but for lodgers on the planet Earth these gravity-space
and gravity- time are absolute parameters.
What is the humor of debates between the Newtonians and the
Leibnizians opponents? The humor is: they both are right.
The Newton’s mechanics is correct in the Leibniz’s gravity world and
the Leibniz’s gravity world is correct in Newton’s absolute spacetime.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

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