Theory of Everything final version

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Is this theory plausible or have i gone insane, it took me 6 days to dream up.

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Theory of Everything final version

Post by AquariusTOE » Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:39 am

The Theory of Everything
Please read to the end before comment.
Please ask yourselves these four questions:
Do you really believe everything about or even understand Quantum Mechanics?
How many times has it been modified to fit in another factor?
Would the Big Bang have been postulated if my theory had been put forward first?
Would Einstein have written General Relativity in the form he did if he understood gravity as described here?

The idea is based on massless little magnetic dipoles with four lines of force as the fundamental thing of which everything else is made up and fill all points in space. These are the force carriers; they carry magnetic fields, electric fields and gravity as well. I will call these lindas, from the Spanish word lindo/a meaning pretty, lovely, perfect, exquisite and which is also the Portuguese word for beautiful.
I will use the word linda instead of massless little magnetic dipoles, as it is easier to say.
I thought about using the word ether but was told that was unadvisable, as people theorize about it and this is a unique theory.
It is easy to see how lindas would line up with a permanent magnet’s field lines, transmitting the magnetic field. You do this in school with a bar magnet and iron filings on a piece of paper.
You can visualize the lindas as very weak and very light magnets and a little bit springy, with four lines of force vibrating in space and with almost no energy.
What is Light and how does it really work?
You must follow this part through to the end of the double slit experiment explanation which is where things have been misunderstood and lindas have been overlooked. It is key to understanding the universe.
Photons and all kinds of radio waves are all basically transferring energy from point A to point B in straight lines via the lindas which rotate pole over pole. It is important that you understand exactly how a photon moves through these lindas, as this is the fundamental misunderstanding science has made for the last 50 years. Once a linda has enough energy to do a complete rotation it sets off at light speed, but until it has enough energy it just wobbles in its little bit of space. Trapped in a matrix of wobbling lindas, Lindas have no friction so they just move energy, without loss.
Example 1
You can picture space as a lattice full of springy magnets with no losses, none of them can break out of the lattice until they can do a full turn but they are all continuously moving because they are magnetic, and the slightest influence will make them wobble. They have no friction so they just accumulate energy or loose it. Once they have enough energy to do a full turn they can push their way past the lindas ahead in the direction they turn.
The way a photon moves is to rotate these lindas pole over pole as they pass through space: When the photon moves through space, it will also influence the other lindas around it. They do not receive enough energy to do a complete revolution and basically do a bit of a wobble like a ship’s compass does if you spin a magnet next to it. They are very unstable in terms of a control system, so they carry on wobbling after the photon has gone past. In control theory terms they have zero damping.
As the photon moves creating this disturbance in the lindas, from a distance it would look like a vortex, a bit like you see after an aeroplane flies past, which swirls around a bit and slowly dissipates due to the passage of other photons in space transferring their energy to the lindas. Effectively space has some memory of what has passed.
The speed at which a linda rotates gives the frequency or energy being transferred. So how does this relate to electromagnetic waves? There are more lindas, therefore a little more complicated to picture. But if, for instance, you use an aerial and transmit an electrical wave, I picture an magnetic field moving up the antenna. This magnetic field transfers energy to the lindas which in turn pass it through space in the form of a sine wave.
Double slit experiment explained (This is where a lot of the misunderstandings in science today come from so focus.)
When a photon travelling through slit one of the double slit experiment hits a photographic plate it leaves a mark in front of slit one as it does so it leaves the lindas around its path wobbling; they have no losses so they carry on wobbling.
When a photon travelling through slit two of the double slit experiment hits the photographic plate it leaves its mark in front of slit 2 as it does so it leaves the lindas around its path wobbling; they have no losses so they carry on wobbling.
When I say wobbling here I mean in the form of a vortex following the track of the original photon, this is a bit like you would see after an aeroplane passes by.
The wobbling lindas can interact with each other and cancel out or they can add and emit a photon creating another mark on the photographic plate away from the slit.
The more photons travelling through these slits the more energy the lindas in these vortices will have. Eventually a linda will acquire enough energy to become a photon ie to break out of the lattice; this will then hit the photographic plate.
When photons are passed through a couple of slits there will be a wave effect shown by the addition of the disturbances in the vortices made up of lindas. These vortices are established around the original photon tracks. These additional photons will appear as clearly defined bands of light, giving the wave effect on the photographic plate.
This double slit interaction is easy to see with lots of light but if you do it firing a single photon every 10 seconds through either slit one or slit 2 the wave effect still remains the vortices in the lindas have not dissipated from the previous photons. This is key to everything and has been glibly overlooked. It is logical explanation of what has been happening.
1) The photons do interact in a wave and particle fashion.
2) The photons are leaving a trace in their path via the vortex of lindas.
3) The disturbance in the lindas will take time to dissipate
remember lindas are very light and very easily influenced, they could wobble for a very long time, if knocked once and they don’t go anywhere until they have enough energy to do a full revolution.
The duration of the disturbance could be determined by doing the slit experiment again by firing a single photon at ever-increasing timescales until the wave effect stops. This could be in the order of seconds, minutes, hours a week or eternity, a measurement needs to be done.
On the single slit experiment you see some fringing due to the vortices of lindas acquiring energy from successive photons.

Creation of Fundamental Particles

If you think about the disturbance around the lindas as a photon is transferred through space it will form a vortex. If there are lots of photons around, travelling in different directions these will disturb these vortices and they will collapse fairly quickly. But if another photon is transmitted along the same path it will intensify the vortex.
With sufficient energy the vortices can form in the shape of torroids or little smoke rings if you like; they will be rotating, either clockwise or anti clockwise due to the rotation of the photon that created them.
This can be explained better by analogy if you look at the antenna example. As the magnetic field moves up the antennae the lindas rotate and head off away from the antenna in all directions. The direction they spin end over end determines which way the vortices will spin, those going to the left will rotate anticlockwise those to the right will rotate clockwise. So viewed simply some lindas will be spinning clockwise and others anticlockwise.
These vortices can acquire enough energy to become fundamental particles such as Protons and AntiProtons, They acquire a stable state when they achieve a certain energy level dictated by Einstein’s E=MC². I view these vortices as lindas lined up side by side and with alternate polarity bent around into a ring so that you then cannot get them apart. A ring with a minimum of 4 lindas forming a toroid and spinning in space with sufficient energy to give it mass. These will naturally cause either electrons or positrons to be formed from the lindas which will have to spin around the protons and antiprotons, to keep up. This would be viewed simplistically as a DC motor.
The electrons and positrons are easy to imagine in that they are lindas spinning radially either clockwise or anticlockwise.
In layman terms Motor Theory dictates that the electron goes around the proton one way and the antiproton the other way because of the way the magnetic field is rotating.
I do not intend to show any further how bigger atoms are formed; it is self evident but becomes more complicated.

Origin of light to trigger the creation of matter

So where did the original light come before any matter was created whilst the universe was still at 0°Kelvin? The lindas were there doing what they do as they always have done and always will do, just wobbling about not doing much really, putting a lot of little massless magnets together is highly unstable. The easiest way to explain where the original light came from is like this. Imagine placing your hands together and viewing the creases in your fingers as north and south poles; this is highly unstable as they are not fastened down and they will be vibrating, occasionally flipping and vibrating and creating the early light in the universe, and hence the early matter.
Simplisticly In the beginning there was light.


what is it?
If you remember what I said about lindas rotating in different directions example above of photons radiating away from an antenna, they are rotating in opposite directions. If you now use two antennas separated by space, stand at one of them and view the lindas, light going away from you will be rotating clockwise and light coming towards you will be anticlockwise. These will leave a vortex behind them among the lindas, as light passes the vortices will turn into each other like two Archimedes’ Screws with a clockwise thread. In an Antimatter universe things just work the other way around.
An example above of photons radiating away from an antenna, they are rotating in opposite directions. If you use the lindas separated by space and stand at one of them and view the lindas, light going away from you will be rotating anticlockwise and light coming towards you will be clockwise. These will leave a vortex behind them among the lindas as light passes the vortices will turn into each other like two Archimedes’ Screws with an anticlockwise thread.
So what happens when photons turn up from an antimatter universe, and pass by photons from a matter universe? The vortices screw against each and they repel each other. I therefore think that an antimatter universe would be spinning anticlockwise rather than clockwise.
I explained above how light waves interfere with each other by analogy with the double slit example.
Gravity is the interaction of light waves from matter to matter bodies and antimatter to antimatter bodies attracting.
AntiGravity is interactions between matter and antimatter. I think any gravitational waves coming into contact would push away.
I made a statement above that electrons rotate about the proton in a clockwise direction and positrons around the antiproton in an anticlockwise direction. There are vast amounts of background radiation in space.
This is the evidence for where gravity comes from. Especially in the ultraviolet and xray range, which is the sort of frequencies one would expect to be radiated.
The background radiation is not due to a Big Bang – that never ever happened. There have been supernovas etc but no Big Bang.
Here is where I think Quantum Mechanics has fallen down not that I understand it very well at all.
Quantum mechanics doesn’t yet know about the fundamental force carrier ie linda. Quantum Mechanics is an extremely accurate tool that predicts things incredibly accurately through very fine undeniable verifiable measurements. It also stipulates energy only gets out of an atom in the form of photons which are locked in.
Again the significance of the double slit experiment was glibly overlooked. The lindas, are always influenced by a moving magnetic field they are incredibly light and they accumulate energy. They are influenced by other fields they accumulate energy until they can do a full revolution. When they can do a full turn in what ever direction they are pointing, they go at light speed. This is not a photon of energy from the atom so quantum mechanics is still correct, but it doesn’t include the lindas, in there little vortices.
If you accept the possible existence of lindas as the fundamental force carrier, and maybe Quantum Mechanics missed something outside the atom they didn’t know about ie linda then move onto the next section.
If you accept Quantum Mechanics as incontrovertible truth then this theory is dead to you. If however you accept that the fundamental force carrier in the universe are lindas, then Quantum Mechanics needs a tweak, or just don’t apply to gravity.

Blackholes: Do they Exist?

As the mass of an object increases gathering more and more mass it emits more and more radiowaves, radiation increasing its gravitational pull by the method described above. This will compress the core material down as it gets bigger and bigger, and the core will start generating electric fields which in turn will set up a magnetic field which in turn will get stronger and stronger. The magnetic field lines will have the effect of capturing the lindas and sending them back into the core, and even stopping the lindas getting past, bouncing the energy back into the core. Fusion reaction will take place eating all the matter falling into the blackhole; the gravity will NOT go to infinity because as it increases the light causing gravity will be pulled back by the magnetic field. Lindas will be spinning all over the place and quite possibly due to collisions inside the blackhole will hit lindas spinning the other way and cancel out their energy. The matter and energy from it will cease to exist, moderating the overall gravitational pull.

Matter Production

Keeping it simple, matter protons and antiprotons are manufactured in space by random. This can be done in a very safe and controlled way. By setting up a rotating magnetic field at the correct frequency to condition the lindas in the correct direction make a vacuum and fire a laser through the centre, at the correct frequency, matter or antimatter depending on which way the lindas are rotating In the magnetic field will appear, shielding the system from external radiation sources and cooling it will improve it even further. This needs to be done properly and properly contained’ it can be done with today’s technology with ease. Houses, vehicles of all sorts, irrigation systems, desalination plants could all be powered by this method virtually for free, which should stop global warming.


I would rather not be known, at least not until the theory is established and people have got used to it. There are multibillion dollar industries that would kill to stop this, and I have talked to too many people about it already. Remember there are lindas in everything you see. Remember linda/o in many languages, means pretty, lovely, perfect, exquisite and or beautiful. That is all around you in absolutely everything you see and your selves.
I have put forward a theory that covers everything from the beginning to the end. In layman’s terms I have shown where matter comes from and where it could end up.
I read “The Big Bang Never Happened” by Eric J Lerner, put it down and thought, “that cannot be true”, but then lay there in bed and thought, “he doesn’t cover gravity, antimatter or where the fundamental particles come from”. I think I have. I basically started out wondering about the gravity. Quantum Mechanics doesn’t incorporate the fundamental particle described here. You see it every day highly energized, but you just haven’t been looking. The quantum world can do as Quantum Mechanics describes it, so I do not see a problem and they may want to include linda.
The way light has been explained in the slit experiment in the past, is a fundamental misunderstanding. I think I have made it clearer above. General Relativity largely does not disagree either even though Einstein did not know what gravity was caused by. There is no singularity, and I suggest that energy in the form of light in a blackhole gets trapped and cancels out, ie disappears.
This is a first pass theory, it could quite possibly be modified, and it needs some mathematics bolted on to make it a proper theory, but I think it does everything the Theory of Everything should do; it brings physics back into the realms of credibility for the average person on the street; the basic description here could be given to a layman and s/he would get it, and be fired up with an enthusiasm for the sciences. The implications for space travel are immense. The theory is too big for me to deal with:

“ride the wave or be sucked back by the undercurrent”

I am on the beach now, having had a great surf.

I had a good theory about gravity that I was trying to get a handle on. I just didn’t realize how good. When I was told to learn about quantum mechanics, I picked the book up read the description on the two-slot experiment with light and thought “that’s it”: the light went on in my head.
© Aquarius, August 2015

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Re: Theory of Everything final version

Post by htam9876 » Wed Aug 16, 2023 5:25 pm

Sciences are all INTERCONNECTED because we have only one cosmos.
Perhaps there were thousands of philosophers, physicists, mathematicians, poets, and even unknown ordinary people believed that everything in this cosmos is INTERCONNECTED or say sciences are all INTERCONNECTED hundreds of years ago. Piggy guesses. But up to this day, nobody can DESCRIBE it in one physics theory. At least those two base stones of modern physics QM and Relativity are incompatible…
Piggy thinks the first step toward a “theory of everything” would be giving up the old flawed conception of probability wave.If QM should be the science to research the wave characteristics of electric interaction, or say, wave function should be to describe “electric wave”, the above problem would be solved automatically. More interesting, it would be interconnected with classical electromagnetism too.

Anyone can research matter vs anti matter vs dark matter in one way? How? Actually there is a fundamental natural system of PRESENCE – PROPERTY, just people not yet be AWARE of it. (If something presence in this cosmos, it must have its own inherent property. For example, a pig grows long nose, while a rabbit has a short tail.) It’s very simple philosophical principle: How to identify male rabbit vs female rabbit and how to classify the animals in the zoo…need to take movement and time or interaction into consideration?

In this century, physics either dwell into the meta level to make clear some fundamental physical / natural rules first, thereafter touchy and feely ahead step by step on the sound base, or keep on dancing on the “tower floating in the air”, playing math game and speculation.
Perhaps some topics nowadays considered as “way off” could be inspiring.
Have a lovely day, guys.


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