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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:44 pm
by business

Use the element name as a pun to complete these sentences. Answers are made by placing the correct symbol in the blank.
You will probably need a periodic table.

What language is spoken by the people of Mangan? _____
"We brought everything but the kitchen ______!"
To be a good neighbour you must mind your own _____.
To park here you must put a _____ in the meter.
Dial 911 to call a _____ when you witness a crime.
If you find that your cat has been run over, all you can do is _____.
Are the baby birds still in the nest? No, they _____.
Doctors amputated the bottom half of his leg, but they left his _____.
His old Ford was worn out so he bought a new _____.
A prisoner who acts in a silly manner is called a _____.
"We're out of foss." he said. "Please go to the store and get some _____."
I borrowed a dollar from Sam and fifty cents from Dean. So I owe Sam more than _____.
Five times two is _____.
The boy scout took the lady by the arm and _____ her across the street.
He demanded payment in gold be cause he said he was _____.
After his first day as a car salesman, Mr. Umm was asked: Did you _____.
The gold in Pharaoh's crypt weighs exactly 1000 kg, so it became known as the _____.
As the masked man rode away, he was heard to say, "Hi Ho _____ away."
Housewife's complaint: "On Mondays all I do is wash and _____."
"His name is Sullivan, but we call him 'Sul'. He is the reason our rugs and furniture are covered with _____."
Cadbury's Chocolate Co. bought out Mee-Yum Fortune Cookies and now they make _____ chocolate fortune cookies.
News reporter Nick asked the fire chief what caused the warehouse fire. The chief replied: "It was _____."
The well-driller had bored a hole to a depth of 10 metres. He found no water so he was told to _____.
"Calvin, did you see the man who stole my horse?" "Yes, _____.", replied the Indian.
The makers of "Raid" have developed a new slogan to advertise their new insect repellant. It reads: "Don't go outside without your _____."
How did I find out what teenagers think? I _____ of course!
Samantha was in love with Darren when they ran away from home. Her mother was very concerned. "Did _____?" she asked anxiously.
A boy named Coe lost his dog Bo and as a result _____ his eyes out.
After months of intensive investigation, the undercover narcotics agent approached the suspect. "Here's your $25,000." said the officer. "And here's _____." replied the drug dealer.
"The bandits rode through here" said the sheriff. "Did you see those tracks?". "No, I don't _____." said the deputy.