New Citizen Moderator Feature

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New Citizen Moderator Feature

Post by Grant » Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:15 am

I just implemented a new "citizen moderator" feature to help control spam. The system allows reputable users to ban relatively new users and to hide all their posts. The way it works is when you are logged in you should be able to see a new "Spam?" button which is there for you to click if a particular post is spam. In most cases of spam, after you click the "Spam?" button you should have the option to click "Yes" which will automatically perform a series of steps to remove posts from that user and to prevent them from posting in the future.

There are various features in place to prevent abuse such as a relatively new user can't ban a long time user. Also, some users who have been around for a while can't be banned by anyone. Abuse of the system is still possible, but I am able to undo any malicious or accidental misuse use of the system.

The reason for adding this new feature is because the old system of me manually approving new registrations was not ideal for many reasons. The old system was pretty effective against spam, but it wasn't good for people who were motivated to register and post right away as they often had to wait before they could complete registration.

Anyway, if you see any spam then please don't hesitate to give the new system a try by clicking on the new "Spam?" icon found at the lower right of the post. However, hopefully this new system combined with the additional new anti-spam systems will make spam so rare that you look forward to having an opportunity to test out the new citizen moderator feature.

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