Wave function collapse into higher dimensions

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Wave function collapse into higher dimensions

Post by bcsessa » Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:56 am

If the superpositions of a wave function are not needed because only one of the superpositions is allowed, what happens to the eigenvalues of the "null" superpositions? And to follow the Copenhagen Interpretation, therefore disregarding the literal collapse, but rather thinking in terms of probability, what happens to the information associated with the null superpositions? Is the energy/information transferred elsewhere such as alternate universes, supporting theories such as higher dimensions and inflation theory? Could these collapses come from string harmonics, therefore determining our universe and the others plausibly around us?

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Re: Wave function collapse into higher dimensions

Post by htam9876 » Sat Aug 12, 2023 6:37 pm

In respect of wave function in QM, we really don’t know what physical meaning is the amplitude of probability wave. The square of (absolute value of) amplitude is probability density.
If * is non-sense in physics, how can the square of * make sense in physics? How lame it all sounds… “gangster’s logic”?
Strictly speaking in physics, if people can’t find out the exact physical meaning of the basic, then the whole theoretical building is doubtful.
Physics has to tackle such specific problem first. Otherwise, the whole theoretical building of QM just seems a “tower floating in the air” no matter how delicate its mathematical system is.
In this century, physics either dwell into the meta level to make clear some fundamental physical / natural rules first, thereafter touchy and feely ahead step by step on the sound base, or keep on dancing on the “tower floating in the air”, playing math game and speculation.
Perhaps some topics nowadays considered as “way off” could be inspiring.Piggy has given up the conception of probability wave and initiated the new conception of “ electric wave”.QM should be the science to research the wave characteristics of electric interaction, or say, wave function should be to describe “electric wave”. For details please see piggy's article “Research on the Root of Quantum Mechanics”.
This stupid pig really can’t understand what’s the exactly physical meaning of “wave function collapse” in nature. A guy in a2k galaxy said “People mistake some theories as truth just because they keep hearing them…”

However, if a tall building lacks of a sound base, even in a minor earthquake, it would collapse. It’s very easy to understand.

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