The Veegtrón is producing the photon with his electric spark

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The Veegtrón is producing the photon with his electric spark

Post by victorespinozaguedez » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:41 am

The Veegtrón theory

Many times I wondered how enlightens the photon and the response I got changed photon by an Veegtrón with electric charge positive and negative.

The reason I gave him an electric charge to the Veegtrón is to verify the theory of lighting by a microscopic short-circuit this particle Veegtrón.

With this particle since discovered, explains why shines the wave out of the lightbulb or a candle is easy, what happens is the wave consists of Veegtrones in microscopic circuit shining and illuminating what we see.

To explain the movement of a Galaxy light to another, I had to say the universe consists entirely of Veegtrones in positive and negative with a mass because it makes floating planets.

If the Veegtrón has mass and energy it is likely that there comes the creation of the atom and its positive and negative electricity. It is also likely that electricity 110 and 220 volts and more are Veegtrones, there is no other place where come there on our planet but the same universe and the universe is a composition of Veegtrones in positive and negative. In conclusion when the Veegtrón brings together becomes atom and electricity.

To explain the phenomenon of light and shadow I had to use the Veegtrón. Veegtrón when in short circuit is light and when it is not short circuit the shadow.

It is hard to believe that this is the composition of the empty particle, but there is another answer: nothing can not be made of anything, the empty must have a composition and in this case I've filled the vacuum Veegtrones, who is to blame move one side of the universe waves across the universe by matter and light touch by touch of energy.

In short, the Veegtrón is producing the photon with his electric spark.
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Re: The Photon can be changed by the Veegtrón

Post by WhoaNonstop » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:53 am

As always Victor, this is way over my head. I'm glad you have the motivation and willpower to tackle this mountain of a problem


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Re: The Photon can be changed by the Veegtrón

Post by The_Duck » Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:33 am


I haven't worked through all the math, so I can't quite follow Victor's explanations, but here is the idea, I think:

We've all wondered how photons can light things up. Adding the Veegtrón to the Standard Model explains this if the Veegtrón carries electric charge, letting it couple to the photon. Loop corrections seem to be important in the perturbative expansion of the theory, which I think is what Victor means by "microscopic short circuits."

The fact that planets float weightless in the heavens implies that they are immersed in a fluid of comparable density. If the Veegtrón has mass, this fluid may simply be the "cosmic Veegtrón background" left behind from the early universe. Thus in this theory, observations of the present densities of the planets constrain early universe cosmology.

Victor has apparently completed some phenomenological calculations of Veegtrón decays. Intriguingly, he reports that the primary decays products seem to be nucleons and electrons. The predominance of matter over antimatter might thus be traceable to CP violation in Veegtrón decays.

He also discusses an extension of theory in which, when passing through matter, the Veegtrón mixes with a similar particle that doesn't couple as strongly to the photon, explaining the familiar but until-now mysterious phenomenon of shadows.

He closes with a poetic description (reminiscent of those offered in classic QFT texts) of Veegtrón loop corrections to the photon propagator as representing polarization of the vacuum. I think that such metaphors can be confusing however, and recommend you stick to the math and its quantitative predictions.

I am looking forward to the results of Victor's more detailed ongoing calculations of the LHC phenomenology of the Veegtrón.

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