Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by theObeast » Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:29 pm

nuimshaan wrote:Any fire that consumes fuel behaves exponentially
that's likely to be roughly true when the fire is starting - there is abundant new fuel and oxygen; heat is the limiting factor for the rate at which new fuel is ignited, so it is plausible that at least under some circumstances rate of growth could be proportional to current heat output, leading to exponential growth. Nevertheless, anyone who does not have a brain resembling that of a hydrophobic monkey must see that this is not true in the long run - people heat their houses with fires which spend the majority of their time burning at roughly constant intensity. They do not grow until someone takes a fire-extinguisher to them. Some process (I would guess the difficulty of rapidly getting enough oxygen to the fire) limits how quickly it burns.
Since I'm more of a harmless forum troll than an actual scientist, I don't know what process this is in the sun. Based on what you've posted here, you don't either. (hint - this involves neither vibrating ether, nor vibration frequencies gravitating discrete quanta together into energy bonds). A guess would be that if it burns too fast, that increases the gas pressure, and thus lowers the density in the core of the sun to the point that the reaction slows down.
Let's do a simple calculation (these are allowed here, or do we primarily wax poetic using ill-defined terminology and colorful metaphors?). I don't understand your mechanism for powering the sun via electromagnetic interactions with the earth's dipole field, but surely you must agree that the energy must ultimately come from the earth's orbit or rotation? The earth is traveling roughly 30 km/x. It weighs about 6*10^24 kg. Therefore its kinetic energy (mv^2/2) is 3*10^33 Joules. The rotational energy is a small add-on to this. This is enough to power the sun for about 3 months. If the earth is providing any significant fraction of its orbital energy to the sun, then its orbit would decay on the timescale of human lives. The same is true for any other planet.

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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:10 am

Everybody needs motivation. It makes more sense from a scientific point of view. Especially with recent discoveries. We are now aware that sound can produce a lot of energy. We are also aware that sound can cause particles to bond together.

The reason I say it makes more sense from a scientific point of view is simple. It's easier for me to reason that the world began without form or shape.

Because we know that in the absence of pressure around cannot form shapes.

Like if you were to remove the pressure of space...all matter would probably just go blah...kinda disappear if you will...and no interactions would take place.

You have to have a responsive environment FIRST.

So when the Bible lists this very thing a scientist I can agree that if there is no can't put anything in it. So when the Bible states that the creation of the responsive environment happened first, I can say that it is logical.

When the Bible says that the Earth was created NEXT, but it had not yet been formed into shape...I can agree this is simply saying that matter manifested in the responsive environment that had been created.

When the Bible states that a shaping of Earth happened next...It is perfectly logical to say we MUST have all of the ingredients to a bomb first....then we have to fashion those raw materials into a bomb NEXT. If we were talking about a bomb that is...

When the Bible lists three distinctive actions of creation happening before light was created...I assume it means #1 The responsive environment happened FIRST. #2 The environment then had matter appear in it. #3 The matter now occurring in that environment would be shaped by the forces of "heaven". Or, that mass would start to take shape, under the influence of those cosmic forces already in place...this is perfectly logical to assume, and quite sound in scientific principle.

The Bible states that after the room was created, matter appeared, and began taking shape, or forming solids....

Now, when you understand the science of solid bodies in can easily agree with the Bible that the movement of these newly formed solid bodies will produce energy....that much is true...and this energy could take the form of light.....and heat....perhaps the Sun and stars....

Again...when you understand just how scientific this part of the Bible really can see it follows a very strict cause and effect.

Fact: You cannot have matter in the absence of space.
Fact: Space must have forces which effect all matter.
Fact: We see the effects of these forces in the shape which matter is maleated into.
Fact: We see that both planets and suns and stars take on the shape of a sphere.
Fact: When spherical solids move in cyclic patterns, energy is created, and especially high energy when those solid bodies in cyclic motion are magnetic, or good conductors.

So...that is why I am influenced by the reading of the Genesis effect in the Bible.

There is one thing all scientists will agree upon concerning life, whether you believe in evolution or creation....we ALL agree a Giant Genesis Effect happened in our distant past. This Genesis did in Fact create many forms of life. The tendency of these lifeforms is to maintain shape and function....whereas the fruit they bare are just like the tree they come from...and apple trees don't bare oranges.

Since we ALL agree the Genesis effect happened on Earth. Since we All agree that space existed FIRST. Even if you believe a big bang happened in space at some point in still agree that space was there to begin with. You as a scientist also agree that in the absence of a responsive environment, no explosions can occur. Explosions ONLY happen in a responsive environment. It is a known fact, that the more you wrap a pile of gunpowder in a thicker and thicker shell, the louder and more powerful bang you will get. When you go backwards on that arrive at why I say in the absence of explosions will occur, and energy interactions are NOT possible.

All forces are coming from optimal control of space and time. The Bible states that very clearly...but with words of wisdom that unfold into words of science. Then those words become compound and manifold.

The stages of creation detailed in the Bible are very scientific in nature....and in fact...we find that in order to simulate these stages....we too would have to begin with a controlled environment, then we put something in that controlled environment, then we have a reaction, then we have energy, and then we have life.

So the Bible states that this happened: A controlled environment was created first. The Heavens. Then the Earth was created, but without form. The matter, the essence of matter, mass. Then the Earth was formed into shape. The mass was formed into solids and liquids in the controlled environment. Then energy was produced. Let there be light. The greater light to rule the day, the lesser light to rule the night. The solid and liquid matter began interacting with each other, producing light, then the Genesis effect happened. Some say out of the liquid...some say out of the solids. Either way you guys want to argue....The Genesis effect was triggered by the energy produced from SOLID and LIQUID movement...some cyclic...some fluid...

And whala! Now you understand the creation theory of the Bible!!! In laymens terms of course.


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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:36 am

To be honest, when you state the world began with destruction...then is not logical.

To have a big explosive bang happen first...then as the material cooled it made energy and life...but you do not attempt to explain where the big grenade came from, or how it got there in the first have not satisfied my intellect. I have found a reliable source which indicates processes necessary for life...I have weighed the assumptions...they do satisfy my fact that reliable source even goes into how matter was created in the first place, whether it went bang afterwards or explains how it got there in the speaks of sound traveling through a controlled environment created by an intelligent source.

It is speaks of how solids are formed by the effect sound has to an ether like substance...the face of the deep...It speaks of how these sounds had unique signatures...they were specific in frequency, and each one had a unique effect on mass. It speaks of how mass was formed into shape by sound frequencies. Scientists today say how all matter has a vibrating frequency......It speaks of getting energy, light, and heat After the matter is formed into shape by sound. Scientists know energy is formed from mass in motion...remember E=mc2? It also speaks of how life was formed through specific interactions of materials under the influence of sound....We all agree life cannot exist without water, and we ALL agree life is carbon based....

So why would anyone look down on me for leaning on Biblical scientific principle? When I do lean on it...I win the argument EVERY TIME!!! And ALL Scientists end up agreeing that causally speaking, from what they know...once they understand what the Bible says in is very sound science indeed!!! Remember....the Bible is where we hear things like: And each apple tree shall bare fruit of it's own kind....and all life will exhibit this same phenomena...a bird will begat another bird...flys will make more flys...snakes will make more snakes...monkeys will make more monkeys....Humans will only birth humans....there is never any mention of it happening backwards. And this is the only widely published source of these statements...scientists usually say one lifeform into another...the Bible is saying many lifeforms into themselves. Scientists usually say all life is changing into the ultimate form. The Bible is saying all lifeforms maintain their shape and function, that it is programmed in their DNA...That you will never see an apple wear clothes and drive cars...that it will always be an apple tree.


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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:18 am

I'm also trying to explain how speed is only relevant to how much energy is produced. That when speaking of time...all energy moves forward though it. No matter how much energy is always moves forward through time. From one location to another...or just sitting still and humming. All of the past locations of matter are lost. They had to move from those locations to new ones in order to form energy. Without movement from one old location to a new energy will be produced..even a vibrating mass is moving back and forth from one location to is produced forward through time.

Speed does NOT reverse the effects of erosion. The effect of erosion only moves forward through time. You cannot go back. You cannot undo the shape of a stone resting in the babbling brook. You cannot transport the stone into the past before erosion shaped it. It is already a stone. All of the erosion of the past is lost, you cannot go around gathering up the tiny pieces of the stone and put them back. Moving the stone around at light speed will only make the erosion worse! And those effects Cannot be undone.

The past movements of mass are what produced the current condition, and this current condition cannot be undone. You cannot expect to reverse the past movements...they are what shaped the stone in the brook. And why the stone is round and smooth now.

Einstein was wrong. Newton told Einstein that if he doesn't move out of the way...the apple is going to hit him on the head...And Newton laughed at Einstein when he said that a super fast falling apple would NEVER hit him on the head....Newton simply stated that if that were the case, Einstein would surely be killed or knocked out real quick.

Einstein repeatedly told Newton that a super fast falling apple would take a long time to hit him on the head. And that the apple would agree, that if it fell even faster...time would slow down...that it would take a long time for it to spoil, etc.

Einstein was right that Energy is only produced when objects are in motion...but failed to understand that energy is produced both from slow movement and from fast movement. That a critical mass event is not necessary to convert matter into energy...that you can rub your hands together and convert your hands into a heat source. This is a very slow movement process, quite slower than the speed of light. But yet it produces Energy! So Einstein failed to establish a universal formula for Energy, because he only tried to state what happens at superluminal interactions. The world doesn't always happen at those speeds, in fact, our lives are living testimony...that universally speaking, you can create energy from moving objects around relatively slow.

What you guys study in your books does NOT satisfy my intellect. I am NOT impressed. I am impressed by older people from our past who had a better understanding of physics. And those guys were solid state physicists. And I am just scratching the surface of what they really taught. And I have already started a chain reaction in the colleges...some universities have tried to go back and delete past posts of mine, of course the college students get ticked off, and say why did you delete those posts? We were using them as references...alas the damage is already done, the precepts were already put out there, and it was only a matter of time before me or anyone else started talking about them. The mind is a funny's inherent nature is to understand the truth...and from this, we constantly discard what we thought was true, when we learn what is true.


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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:40 pm

What we have seen in ancient ruins is where those who came with false light (electricity) and gas...were worshipped.

What we have seen in ancient ruins is where those who came were defeated by something more powerful than they. And we have seen the efforts of these places come to not.

These are locations around the world where representations of snake like figures appear. In some of these places we see a relationship formed between man and the snake images. This is always noted right before the destruction or abandonment of those locations.

Take Egypt for example. My interpretation of the engravings is quite simple. A race of beings identified as snakes gave them the power of light through electricity. This race was then revered. And a relationship was formed between the two. Great monuments were built. Technology increased, but the Love of God began to disappear. This is the sad story of Egypt. People began to be enslaved into manual labor, and harsh treatments of the body. And then a power greater than snakes and the power of Pharoah came and set the captives free.

This is what the engravings of Egypt say.
I remember the pillars at Karnack. They read both right and left upwards.

They started off dwelling in tents.
They began (man, wife) to have many people.
They had to deal with bugs and creatures (bugs on their backs).
They dealt with other beings using sound (half moon line line).
They had to wear head gear to protect their ears.
They took up swords (two swords over the helmet).
They fought but were overcome.
They were enslaved and taught weird ways.
They revered strange Gods.

They lost the love of God.
God saved those who still loved him.

This is what those pillars say. I read them myself.


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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:50 pm

Now let me give you my interpretation of the centinel.

The only way you can see the centinel is by standing in the right location...then you will see that some of his torso is engraved on a pillar, and some of the rest of his body is engraved on pillars behind...It shows that he is running to save someone. It appears that he is a robot of advanced technology.

You can see this when you are standing in front of the pillar where the tent is, and the bugs on their backs, and the sound wave depiction, and the man with a helmet with two swords over his head. When you are standing in front of that pillar...look to your right and you will see several pillars in line. The parts of the centinel are engraved on those pillars and you should be able to see the whole thing as a 3d image.


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Re: Is the center of the Earth really a solid ball magnet?

Post by nuimshaan » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:54 pm

What you are witnessing is the story of someone's life.
From early in tents...killing bugs...hearing strange sounds...fighting off enemies...seeing and learning amazing technology.

Losing the love of God.


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