Cosmology: two ideas

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Cosmology: two ideas

Post by socratus » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:05 am

  Cosmology: two ideas
The  ''big bang'' idea explains how hot singularity
created billions hot stars when the rest of the universe
is extremely cold
Big bang says nothing about where did ordinary matter
come from (it says: chickens come from eggs and eggs
come  from chickens:  singularity <---------> big bang )

This idea contradict ''dark matter - antimatter'' idea
To save gravity as universal  law for galaxies the dark matter
was invented
Dark matter is extremely cold stuff
Dark matter is passive / neutral stuff (doesn't have electric charge)
This cold stuff is much more in universe than normal matter
Dark matter is seed of normal matter and of formation of stars.
To create gravity (stars) needs not only matter but also energy.
Quantum antiparticles ( antimatter) are cold stuff that carry itself
enormous pure energy (according to Dirac: -E=Mc^2)
Each antiparticle 10^36 times stronger than dark matter particle
(graviton) and therefore each antiparticle can manipulate with
huge stuff of dark matter
Antiparticles (through so called ''quantum fluctuations'' ) involve
dark matter in process which was ended by creation of all visual
stars, galaxies  . . . etc
/ my opinion /

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