Help me w/ interdisciplinary research?

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Help me w/ interdisciplinary research?

Post by purplebash » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:16 pm

Hey everyone, I'm a Fellow for a nonprofit based around voting rights and civic engagement. My B.S. is in Astrophysics and I will be attending graduate school this fall for Astro, as well, so I developed a fellowship project that aligned with my background in research and data analysis. The premise is this: STEM students are the least likely students to vote, but there's very little research explaining why. When I bring this up to people, most say the reason is "obvious," then funnily enough everyone gives me a different reason from another.

So, since there is no other systematic research on it, I made a comprehensive survey to see what students themselves had to say on it, and if there's a consistent "why." It should be pretty quick to do, no more than 5 minutes for sure, and it'd be helping me achieve results in an interdisciplinary topic that would also help my goals as a future graduate student!

Here's the link to the survey if you're interested in helping out:

Anyone of any major can take it, and no it doesn't matter if you voted or not! It only matters that you were a student in the US during the November 2018 election (and YES it's even OK if you were ineligible due to citizenship/age). And if you'd rather just chat about it here, that's totally fine too, the whole goal of this is just to hear folks' perspectives and see what everyone's first thought is when they hear that STEM students are the lowest voter turnout bloc.

(If I've misread the rules and this isn't allowed, I completely understand, too.) Thanks y'all!

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