GRE 1450(V650, Q800).. Materials I used!! (recommended)

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GRE 1450(V650, Q800).. Materials I used!! (recommended)

Post by manish » Tue Aug 28, 2007 11:56 am

Hi future GRE test takers,

Before few days I gave my GRE test and got 1450.. The quant was easy to moderate and I have messed my verbal in RC's, but then also, managed to reach 650.. Guys I have put my blogspot for giving out my stuff tht i used for GRE and also I have made some word documents and pdf in preparing for GRE.. You can find all the softwares and ebooks and stuff in my blogspot.. Actually I have wasted my enough money in GRE, and collected frm here and there sources.. If you have any doubt or want any software in preparing for GRE, do let me know.. I have put nearly all the materials tht are there in market.. Do take a visit at : I am selling all these stuffs in a very low price(its like free), as I have also purchased the copyrighted materials.. I would also like to share information and things for US universities selection, recommended universities, how to prepare for the application package and all these things once you had purchased these materials...

Lets Kick da ass of GRE wid sky scores, dude!!


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