For those who aced the Sept 2016 Exam...

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For those who aced the Sept 2016 Exam...

Post by maximumpain21 » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:19 am

How exactly did you study? Was it mostly from the four tests released by ETS? I ask because I did every problem in Conquering the Physics GRE twice and read the book twice and took the 2008 exam and still didn't feel like I "aced" it, though it's hard to tell given the curve. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Please don't bash my intelligence or insult me, I'm only looking for advice on how to improve.

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Re: For those who aced the Sept 2016 Exam...

Post by Qwaps » Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:33 am

First of all, there are five exams released by ETS. What worked for me was doing the exams in test-like conditions (taking my time and even filling in the answer sheet). After each exam I did, I reviewed some concepts I missed, and then started another exam. I managed to do 4 of the practice exams - all except for the 2008 one. I got 990 in most of the practice exams, thanks to the curve, and 990 on the actual April GRE - which felt much easier. However, I think I tend to concentrate more when doing an actual exam, so your mileage might vary.

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