classical physics calculation of electron antineutrino mass

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classical physics calculation of electron antineutrino mass

Post by mikke » Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:40 pm

Mass of the electron antineutrino has been calculated
Oct. 10, 2014
In my previous article " We came from light... (lite version) " I described the mechanism of proton formation from neutron based on considerations zero angular momentum of the neutron. Indeed, emitted from neutron electron carries energy 2mcc (it is the rest mass energy + the maximum kinetic energy of the electron) and torque (spin).
Opposite spin neutron "remnant" receives , which curls it. The curling goes up until the angular momentum of neutron "remnant" will not be equal to the angular momentum, which took away an electron, of course.
From this equation of moments I got radius of the proton.
In other words, the neutron loses 2 electronic mass at electron emission by this mechanism. These considerations, it would be enough if the proton has not been charged particle. In view electrostatic field is to be created the proton , the rest energy of neutron should be reduced by mcc/2 extra. It is electrostatic proton energy. It is electrostatic electron energy as well. That is, the neutron, in transition to a proton should lose 2.5 electron mass in total. But the electron can carry away only the 2mcc . Therefore, the energy balance need another particle which carry away extra mcc/2
This is the electron anti neutrino, of course.
It has zero charge, zero spin and therefore 3 degrees of freedom for movement: it has no any "obligations" to its past. Electron anti neutrino mass is m/8 .
As far as the quark model of neutron - it is nonsense . Because , there is no dipole moment of the neutron at all. Neutrino spin nobody has been measured - neutrinos have no spin at all.
A neutron can not have magnetic moment - because the neutron is neutral even it consists of quarks , It's a logical fallacy. Far off these quarks are not distinguishable from each other, agree? ?But in according to "theory", which was proved even in experiments it is not zero.

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