PGRE drama

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PGRE drama

Post by fadeevpapov » Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:08 am

So, I sat for the pgre last Saturday. When I walked in the testing room I had my book bag and the proctor reminds me to turn off my phone (droid x). So, I turn it off and throw it into my bag. The proctor tells me to leave the bag in the front of the room. After the test is over, I get up and walk out of the room. I realize I forgot my bag, so I go back to room. The proctor tells me that she had to write me up because the phone I put in my bag had vibrated during the test and my score might be canceled. Long story short my book bag must have pushed the on button, and then my phone was texted. So, now I think I might have lost my score to a test which I studied a year to score well on, and if I have no score graduate school is jeopardized. I'm not quite sure how to handle things with ETS. Do I call them Monday to ask what will happen? I feel it is pretty unfair seeing as she told me where to put the bag and that it was accross the room from me. I dont even think anyone heard it but the proctor. I sure didn't. Any advice?

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Re: PGRE drama

Post by Star » Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:41 am

Oh so sad.. I didn't bring anything with myself to the test center.. No bag, no handy, no book.. I just brought a pencil and an eraser and also my ticket.. ETS is so sensitive about phones.. You should not bring it to the test center.. In my test center there was a boy whose phone was off but suddenly the clock of his phone rang.. The protector came across him and he told him your exam is canceled.. But the boy tried to explain him that his mobile was really off but the clock rings even if the phone is off.. In the end the protector believed him.. I think you have to do your best to conceive them that your mobile became on accidentally.. I hope they trust your respond..

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