Should I take PGRE if it is not required

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Eddy Current
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Should I take PGRE if it is not required

Post by Eddy Current » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:13 am

The PGRE is not required for the program I am applying. It is only required if you want to be a TA. I probably wont be a TA because I have a job in a related field and can probably get them to pay tuition and move to part time.

Curious, will it help or hurt to take the PGRE if it is not technically required? I have taken the practice test and scored a 500, with study I can probably boost that to 600, but its not like I will have stellar scores. I am just curious, if I dont take the PGRE, will that look worse than taking it and doing okay to bad.

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Re: Should I take PGRE if it is not required

Post by modernphysics » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:17 am

Well, in my view it's totally a matter of choice and the whole discretion is up to you.

If you enjoy writing exams like PGRE then don't hesitate at all go ahead. And you may be in curious state to know your score (even though that is not required in your field) like waiting for the answer from your beloved. :)

Where as, if exam is what which makes you sick, and makes you to think of even absconding then i think you know better what to do?

Again, if there is no harm, no pressure of scoring a good pgre score, no financial problem then i think you should definitely have a try on the so called PGRE, and it's my strong belief that people perform better in their No Tension Zone (NTZ). (Though best comes from the Tension, i mean positive tension :roll: )
So you'll definitely ace the test and score as high as 900+. :lol:

Any way, you check for other possibilities and hope you'll get dozens more and choose from them the best option.
(just to remind you, Life in the end is just the result of choices.)
So all the best.

Regards Modernphysics.

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