Hooray for physicsgre.com!!

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Hooray for physicsgre.com!!

Post by metric » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:59 pm

I'm sorry, I know that this post has nothing to do with the actual test, but I have to take this out of my mind. I'm taking the test next week, and no matter how bad it goes, I'll always be really grateful to this forum and to the people that usually visit it. For an international student like me (I'm from Argentina), it's not easy to get help and to prepare for the GRE when you have before coming here is the GR0177 test. Even though I think that I won't ace the test (basically, due to my engineering background) this place has been of great help, to know that there are many people that would worry about the test and feel anxious as the date approaches is, in some ways, liberating.
So, thank you guys for putting this forum together! I hope to meet you guys sometime is some symposium/meeting/workshop/whatever. BTW, I'm applying to Wisc-Madison (astropart phys)

PS: Hey, crackpots have feelings too! :D

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