December 15 deadline

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December 15 deadline

Post by FortranMan » Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:10 am

I'm in a bit of a jam. On one side I've been looking at Penn U's department who has an application deadline of December 15, but I've also been looking at UC Santa Cruz that has a deadline of January 15.

Now I haven't taken the Physics GRE yet, so I'm choosing between two dates so that I can apply this fall, the Oct. 18 test and the Nov. 8 test. If you look below you'll see the approx. mailing date for the Nov. test as Dec. 19.

So, do I try to take a shot at a high ranking school and risk getting a low score that might even cause UC Santa Cruz to reject me, or do I play it safe and register for the Nov. test so I'll have 3 extra weeks of preparation to cultivate a good score to get in UC Santa Cruz?

I'm I being too paranoid? Are most schools with early app. deadlines like this one very stingy about when the receive their scores?

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Re: December 15 deadline

Post by FORTRAN » Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:40 am

It seems we share a love for Fortran

I would just prep real hard for the October one. Odds are you won't score much differently your second time around if you are prepared for the first one, but if you feel you need more time go ahead and take the November.

And from my understanding most schools aren't too strict about application deadlines. Especially those with early ones. My best advice would be to call and check if you can send them in a little later while making sure the rest of your application arrives before the deadline. I highly doubt the admissions committee will even look at the application before Xmas break anyway.

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Re: December 15 deadline

Post by dlenmn » Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:49 am

FortranMan wrote:Are most schools with early app. deadlines like this one very stingy about when the receive their scores?

This subject has come up before. Speaking from personal experience (assuming that you mean U Penn, or Penn State for that matter), you can take the November test and they'll accept the scores.

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