Physics GRE- college classes

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Physics GRE- college classes

Post by grasshopper000 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:24 pm

Hey everyone,

I am an undergraduate computer science student and am considering taking the Physics GRE in April. I have taken Physics I, Physics II, and Physics III which have covered most of the material that I have seen listed that i need for my GRE- like classical mechanics, electrostatics, relativity, etc.. When I looked through the practice tests online, I was pretty confident with most of the problems on there.

However, I haven't taken more in-depth versions of these classes like classical mechanics II or quantum mechanics II/III. Will the three physics classes I've taken so far be enough or am I in over my head?

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Re: Physics GRE- college classes

Post by Heisenbergz » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:58 am

ur way over your head. u looked at the probs but have you solved them under 1.5 min?

if you have been able to do 75/100 probs correctly under 2h50min then ur good to go thats a score of 900. About 70 of them are college physics I believe.

You still need classical mechanics and advanced EM and QM to break the 70/100 questions though assuming you get all of them correctly of course. There's also the labs and the miscellaneous topics.

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Re: Physics GRE- college classes

Post by Nishikata » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:46 am

To be fair, it is not clear to me what these "Physics I/II/III" courses do cover in your institution.
I presume they are introductory classes for physics majors. Nevertheless, I don't have sufficient info to say whether they are sufficient for your case due to the abovementioned reason.

It is correct that the pGRE is a contest of speed on top of accuracy. If you can't pace yourself enough to solve all 100 questions in 170 minutes, you are going to retake the test.

To share my experience, I had to retake the pGRE several times before I got a score that I am satisfied with, and I am a physics major myself. :cry:

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